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Bowling Tips

Bowling Tips for Beginning Bowlers

  • Relax Under Pressure & Concentrate

  • Once you're set up and ready to go focus your eyes on your target and block out all external noise. Don't think about the mechanics of your physical game, just bowl reflexively and react to the target as you release the ball. Distractions, problems at home, school, or work, discomfort (such as tight clothing), and many other things contribute to you losing concentration at that last second.
  • Develop Your Own Unique Bowling Style

  • There is no right or wrong way to bowl and anything can work if you are able to repeat it often enough. Do what works for you and feels the most comfortable. Often times you have to do something, that may be considered unorthodox, to compensate for a flaw in your game. Many great bowlers had very unorthodox styles such as Don Carter with his bent arm swing.
  • Keep Your Shoulders Square

  • For consistent deliveries, keep your shoulders square to the foul line at all times. A "dropped" shoulder can send the ball wide every time. This often happens when you rush your approach.
  • Watch and Analyze Professional Bowlers On TV

  • Watch the pros bowl on TV and record them with your VCR. Play back the tape and watch in it slow motion. Study how they do the basics to improve your own game, esp women pros who rely more on finesse than power.