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Chicago Bowling Alleys

Locate bowling alleys in the Chicago metropolitan area.

We here at Bowling Biz have hand-assembled this premier list of Chicago bowling alleys for your reference. If you know of an additional Chicago bowling alley you'd like to add, feel free contact me. I'd be happy to include it.

  • Habetler Bowl

  • Legendary bowling star Rudy Habetler opened this 32-lane establishment in 1957. The business remains in the family today, with his son and grandson running the operation. Habetler Bowl was one of the first "modern" centers, with such innovations as automatic pinsetters, recessed lighting, wall-to-wall concourse carpeting, and free parking. An oversized bowling pin on a 30-foot-high pillar stood at the front of the property. For years it was a familiar landmark along the nearby Kennedy Expressway. (The giant pin is gone now.) The interior has been remodeled a number of times over the years, and does not look the least bit middle-aged.

  • Waveland Bowl

  • Since 1959, Chicagoans have been rolling the balls at Waveland Bowl. 24 hours, every day of the year. Waveland Bowl has been open for over 380,000 consecutive hours. Full internet access is also available at Waveland Bowl. Voted 'Top Chicago Bowling Alley' 2 years running by Citysearch Chicago.

  • Seven Ten Lounge & Bowling - Lincoln Park

  • Seven Ten Lanes is an art-deco bowling and billiards mecca. Recently rated 'Top Bowling Alley' by Citysearch Chicago.

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